Luigi Micheletti Award

Launched in 1995 by the Micheletti Foundation and the European Museum Forum under the patronage of the Council of Europe, the Luigi Micheletti Award has put at the center of the stage a series of innovative experiences of influence in the European museum field.

The story of the award is an Italian story. It is connected to the life of the Micheletti Foundation, founded in 1981 by Luigi Micheletti. The Micheletti Foundation soon became an important archive in the domain of contemporary history and one of the first Italian institutions engaged in the preservation of industrial heritage.

The Micheletti Foundation is now a research centre specialising in 20th-century history. It has been leading the debate on industrial archaeology in Italy and so far it has concentrated on the history of technology, work and industry. It has also played a key role in the setting up of musil -museum of industry and work, which consists of three complete and functioning areas: the Museum of Hydroelectricity in Cedegolo (Camonica Valley, Brescia); the Museum of industry and work in Rodengo Saiano (Brescia); and the Museum of Iron in San Bartolomeo (Brescia).

A meeting between Luigi Micheletti and the great museologist and father of industrial archeology, Kenneth Hudson, led to the birth of an award whose success has been confirmed, year after year, by the number and the quality of participants.

But the Luigi Micheletti Award is also an European story, both for the partnership with European organizations and for the extent of its influence, including all 45 countries within the borders of the Council of Europe.

From the 16th edition onwards, the award is run in collaboration with the European Museum Academy, a dutch foundation whose qualified Pool of Experts have proven scientific and museological experience.

The Luigi Micheletti Award confirmed its position as the most prestigious international award for innovative museums in the sectors of contemporary history, industry and science.