Luigi Micheletti Award


The Luigi Micheletti Award

The Luigi Micheletti Award is the European prize for innovative museums in the world of contemporary history, industry and science. It is one of the leading activities of the Luigi Micheletti Foundation.

Up to and including the 2010 competition, candidates were drawn from the list of applicants for the European Museum of the Year Award, which is administered by the European Museum Forum. The EMYA candidates are either new museums, established for the firsttime during the past two or three years, or older museums which have be...


Prize Delivering
01/10/2017 @ 00:00

LUIGI MICHELETTI AWARD 2017 goes to the GPO WITNESS HISTORY VISITOR CENTRE, Dublin, Ireland. The General Post was seized by Irish rebels as the seat of the Provisional Irish Government. On Easter Monday 1916 the rebel leader Patrick Pearse read the Proclamation of Independence from its steps. 

The GPO was the centre of the battle between the Irish and the British in that ...

18/02/2017 @ 13:00

Launched in 1995 by the Micheletti Foundation and the European Museum Forum under the patronage of the Council of Europe, the Luigi Micheletti Award has put at the centre of the stage a series of innovative experiences of influence in the European museum field.

GPO - overview

2017 Winner

The judges said: "The Centre is a perfect example of 20th century history in retrospect, dealing in an even-handed way with a very emotive subject, which would have been impossible even a decade ago.  It is an extraordinary achievement, an historical challenge with has been transformed into a reconciliation centre which also poses questions for the future.  Our warmest congratulations go to the whole team".


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