Luigi Micheletti Award


The Luigi Micheletti Award

The Luigi Micheletti Award is the European prize for innovative museums in the world of contemporary history, industry and science. It is one of the leading activities of the Luigi Micheletti Foundation.

Up to and including the 2010 competition, candidates were drawn from the list of applicants for the European Museum of the Year Award, which is administered by the European Museum Forum. The EMYA candidates are either new museums, established for the firsttime during the past two or three years, or older museums which have be...


René Capovin (Luigi Micheletti Foundation) and Thomas Bloch Ravn (Den Gamle By)
21/05/2016 @ 00:00

At a ceremony held in the Museum of Industrial Production of Olive Oil, one of the nine museums runned by the Piraeus Bank Cultural Foundation, Den Gamle By (Aarhus, Denmark) was announced as the winner of the 2016 Luigi Micheletti Award. The trophy was presented to the museum’s director, Thomas Bloch Ravn, by Karl Murr, President of the EMA Panel of Judges. Representing the Luigi Micheletti Foundation was René Capovin. 

Museum of Industrial Olive Oil Production, founded by PIOP in 2006, Lesbos
20/05/2016 @ 09:00

The 2016 EMA Annual Meeting will be held at the Museum of Industrial ...

Shopping street in the 1927

2016 Winner

The judges said that Den Gamle By is a pioneering institution in the museological handling of the pressing social questions of our time. It is a museum for the people in the truest sense, showing great courage in addressing relevant subjects which elsewhere often fall victim to a nostalgic-romantic view of history. Den Gamle By makes a visit to the museum a communicative and inspiring experience. It demonstrates strikingly that culture is a wonderful way of reaching out to society. The jury had no hesitation in voting unanimously for this museum as the winner of the 2016 Micheletti Award...


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