Luigi Micheletti Award

Delivery XXIII Luigi Micheletti Award
22/09/2018 @ 00:00
Chaplin's World wins the Luigi Micheletti Award 2018

At a colourful ceremony held at Den Gamle By (The Old Town), Aarhus, Denmark the results of the XXIII Luigi Micheletti Award was announced.

LUIGI MICHELETTI AWARD 2018 was presented to CHAPLIN’S WORLD BY GRÉVIN, Coursier-sur-Vevey, Switzerland. The name of Charlie Chaplin is known throughout the world, and his life can be divided into three sections. He was born into poverty in the East End of London in 1889 and abandoned with his half-brother, later earning a living as a vaudeville artist. After emigrating to the U.S. at the age of 21 he became a worldwide icon, considered to be one of the most important figures in the history of the film industry. In the McCarthy years of the 1950s he was forced out of the U.S. and spent the rest of his life in the mansion where the museum has been housed since 2015. Exhibits cover the three parts of his life, with a strong emphasis on storytelling through experience, with explanations and some interactives.

THE JUDGES SAID: "For a museum on the subject of film and popular culture to include so many aspects of 20th-century history is rare. The museum goes far beyond the traditional famous person storytelling and puts all aspects of Chaplin’s life into perspective against a general historical background. The economic model, including exploration of businesses and events, is an interesting one, which could provide guidance for other museums. Chaplin embodied the history of the 20th century in an outstanding way and details of his life and views continue to fascinate visitors".

See you in 2019 in Lubiana!

Delivering winner's speech
Judges and Winners - XXIII Luigi Micheletti Award

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