Luigi Micheletti Award

MHM - Dresden
Luigi Micheletti Award 2013 Winner
Military History Museum - Dresden (Germany)

Opened in 2012, the Military History Museum has been selected for his ability to tell eight hundred years of military history from a non-militaristic point of view. As written in the judges report, "it is a museum that encapsulates the principles of the EU, unity in diversity and peace. [...]. …It is not a hymn for the bravery of ancestors, but a very honest witness of the past and of the present".

The museum tells the tragedy of war, showing its organizational and technological aspects, but focusing on the sufferings of individuals and communities. The path starts from the rubble of Dresden, a city symbol of the destructiveness of modern conflicts.

The permanent exhibition, curated by Gorch Pieken, is the result of a long work, which involved a large group of experts and stakeholders. The museum is destined to become a point of reference also from the architectural point of view, thanks to the great work of restoration and renewal signed by Daniel Libeskind.


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